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How to train and control dogs in a better way?

This article is focus on how to keep your dogs from chasing and biting people.

Most of dogs express themselves by chasing and biting people in a very happy and excited situation.


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In the below three situations that will happen more often.

One is that they feel threatened by the other dogs and people. They will show their strength by growling and barking. The second is that dogs feel their owner is threatened by other dogs and people.

The third is that dogs will chasing people when they see someone they are familiar and like to play with him.

In a summary, dogs want to protect themselves and their owners. Moreover show their love to people they like. However, they can not control the accuracy and force of their love.

To avoid injuries to ourselves,strangers,our dogs and the unnecessary trouble caused by the “wrong” and imprudent chasing and biting.We need to correct their behavior in time.

Generally, dogs are easy to get into the habit when they are 4 to 6 months old.


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When a dog jumps at you, they maybe just ask for snacks. At that time, neither push away them nor touch his head to comfort him, we need to reward him with snacks after he is quiet.

So that dogs will remember that it’s useless to rush for food. Gradually develop the habit of not chasing someone with food or they like to play with.

For the adult dog, when he rush to you, do not scold him which will hurt his heart. If you turn around and ignore him, the dog will be quiet because of your unhappiness. When he is quiet, reward him with snacks, which can initially achieve the goal.

If you want to completely change the habits of adult dogs, it will take more time.

Whether the dogs are large or small, a dog leash is necessary completely when we walking them. The dog leash not only prevents the dog from losing, but also facilitates the owner to control the dog.


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When dogs chasing wrong people we can stop them immediately.and when we engaged with the bad guys, just release them and let them show you their loyalty and strength !

The most important point is to establish a certain subordinate relationship when the dog is young.

That is to say, whether in behavior or command, the dog should obey your orders. When walking a dog, try to let the dog walk behind you or next to you. Don not let the dog run in front of you. Conversely, the dog will think he is your leader.

And the dog also form the sense of protecting the leader. If he feels threatened by strangers, the dog will take the initiative to protect the owner. If the rush is right, just let him go,on the contrary, we can stop him by the leash.


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Dogs are naturally territorial. Any sound will attract the dogs` attention especially at night. So dog attacks often occur at night. There are also incidents of dog loss at night. It is recommended to buy a comfortable cage for the dog or build a house belonging to themselves. Make it more secure.

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