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How to bite your competitors and have more profit in pet beds supply

As we know the US is the most prosperous pet supply market around the world.

And the Americans favor their dogs and cats as friends and family.

There are about 78million pet dogs and 85.8millions pet cats are raised in US and the huge pet supply sales volume peaks 82.8 billion in 2018 !

A comfortable pet bed is essential for dogs, which promises the good sleep and health of dogs.

So dog beds is a great business opportunity for all the pet suppliers.

And you are not the explorer In this field but just followers.Because tens of thousands of pet beds has been imported to US by Petsmart, Petsafe,Petmate,Petco,AKC,Amazon Basic and other pet supply Giants every year from china, Thailand,India.

They are Titans with sufficient money and great sales channels, but the huge volume of pet beds and hard competition also suffer them too!

Where there is a will there is a way, the wholesalers and manufacturers work out a great plan to reduce the shipping cost of pet bed by just import the dog bed cover only and finish the stuffing in their own country!

Amazing plan!! if you want bite your competitors and have more profit,you can try it !

There are oxford pet bed cover, soft dog bed cover,waterproof dog cushion cover. And those covers featured by

· Velour zippered cover protects the pad from liquids, bacteria, allergens, mold and dust mites for the ultimate dog bed protection.

· Cover has an ultra-soft velour surface with a secure non-slip bottom.

· Anti-Microbial and Waterproof

· Cover is completely machine washable and dryable for convenient and easy care.

· Cover measures can be customized

Any interest and more information please check: http://www.lepetco.com/category/pet-products/pet-bedding/dog-bed-manufacturer-wholesale/