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Do you allow the dog to sleep in own bed

Many people like dogs, because their lovely shape, because their loyalty to the owner, as well as companionship they give a lot of people take the dog as an important member of their own family. Together with the owner likes dogs, they love walking together with you, still like jump into bed with you to sleep together. Some people will like or habits so that their body to sleep with the dog every day is very warm, but some people like dogs, but not necessarily with people like dogs sleeping together, they will feel like a bit dirty because take her out every day and who may have some fleas. So that different people living under the same roof is already difficult, not to mention the different species live together.

Sometimes people even gave the dog a bath every day, give them Cazui feet, the dogs do all the cleaning work, but when the dog jump into bed to sleep next to me, and some master still upset, people often think of dogs Dogs should not be done, but often that it is likely that the dog’s nature. Moreover, doctors do not recommend pet dog a bath every day, and even use some cleaning supplies, because this will cause the dog’s hair and immune system damage.

But we love dogs, dogs not bear alone in a place far away from us, so how should we do that, good pet products businesses provides us with excellent dog beds products, we can easily choose cheap chain link dog kennels, for the love of dogs to provide a home, as long as we adapt to training a dog sleeping in the dog beds, to solve all the problems of the owner.