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Common diseases and prevention for dogs in the spring

Spring is the prevalent season of infectious diseases, so the daily care of dogs is important and necessary in spring

My advice on the disease is that prevention is greater than treatment.

Firstly Let us know more about the common diseases 








1.Dog cough

In most areas, the temperature changes is more obvious in spring, and the dog will have a cough caused by cold air irritating the nasal mucous. This cough is not viral, so the owner don`t need worry overmuch.

If the dog coughs at night, it is likely because of sharp temperature change, and it is necessary to keep them warm.

But if the dog coughs and has a runny nose, be sure to see a pet doctor.


2.Canine distemper

Canine distemper is usually more prevalent in spring, and sick dogs can be restless, screaming, and often on rare dogs.

To prevent this disease, the owner should give the dog a special vaccine in advance, and the dog who is under one year old and the dog who is breast-feeding should pay more attention.


3.Dog diarrhea

Spring bacteria breed quickly and food can easily deteriorate. Dog diarrhea may be due to acute enteritis, infectious diseases, parasites, etc. Dogs with severe diarrhea should see a doctor in time, especially a Siberian Husky.


4.Dog hair loss

It is very common for a dog to lose hair in spring, but it should also pay attention to its skin problems. When the dog’s skin will have redness, itching, rash, and dandruff, it should be promptly consulted.



In the spring, the dog’s activities will more often, the frequency of contact with other dogs will increase, and the probability of disease transmission will increase.

In the spring, dogs should be vaccinated in strict accordance with the requirements of the pet doctor. Reduce the probability of dog morbidity.