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Attention please! 4 big mistakes to keep dog cool in summer!!

4 big mistakes to keep dog cool in summer!!

1.Keep dogs in a room with air-condition for a long time

In summer, it is very hot outside, so some owners always keep the dog in the air-conditioned room to avoid heatstroke of dogs.It is actually wrong!

Dogs in air-conditioned rooms for a long time is easy to get air-condition diseases. The main symptoms are runny nose, sneezing, low spirits, poor appetite.

The correct way is to keep the temperature in middle degree and within 2 hours. Pay attention to the temperature difference inside and outside to prevent dogs from catching cold.

And the natural wind is the best choice for dogs to keep cool and comfortable.

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2.Bath dogs every day

In hot summer people want to soak in water every day, but it’s wrong to assume that dogs should also take more baths.

Dogs`sweat glands has poor ability to dissipate heat by secreting sweat because of their heavy fur and body structure. They radiate body heat mainly by opening their mouths, salivating, and rough breathing. So more baths have a little help to keep them cool.

At the same time, the oil secreted on the dog’s hair can prevent the invasion of bacteria. If the dog is bathed frequently, it will not cool, but also wash the oil off the dog’s hair, which is easy to cause bacterial invasion.

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3.Shave the dog short

Some owners shave their dogs up and down into tiny hairs in the summer to help them dissipate heat. This is totally wrong.

Proper hair for dogs in summer can help them withstand ultraviolet radiation and prevent sunburn. A sudden cutting will make them feel inferior and depressed.

The correct way is to clean the bottom and abdomen hair of the dog in time, because there are more sweat glands in these places to help heat dissipation, and the hair in other places should not be cut too short.

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4.Feed dogs with cold drinks

In summer, when some owners eat cold drinks, the dog watching pitifully beside them will have a taste too finally.

In fact, this is wrong.Dogs eat too much cold food, will damage the gastrointestinal mucous and cause abdominal discomfort, poor appetite, serious vomiting, diarrhea. It is not that dogs can’t eat cold drinks at all. After the owner has finished eating, he can let the dog lick the box of cold drinks.

And cook mung bean soup for the dog, put it in the refrigerator to cool down slightly, and then give the dog a drink, which can relieve the dog’s heat very well.

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